Seedling Trays



  • Price/tray – Minimum order 5 trays
  • 200 Holes
  • Dimensions: 680mm x 345mm x 60mm (lxbxh)
  • Weight: 0.200kg
  • Reusable
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The insulation of roots is particularly important for the protection of seedlings. Polystyrene seedling trays provide the ideal thermal insulation to prevent frost damage to roots thanks to the well-known insulating properties of expanded polystyrene foam.

The roots are safely protected from water, moisture, rot and extreme temperatures fluctuation that can affect plant growth. Also, the EPS trays are used to aid moisture retention in the hot season, keeping the plants nurtured.

Another benefit of using polystyrene seedling trays is the excellent handling capabilities due to it being a lightweight product, as the expanded foam contains 98% air. Although lightweight, the high compressive strength helps absorb shocks or impacts during transit.

Since expanded foam is recyclable, the seedling trays represent an environmentally-friendly solution with no harmful substances used in the production process (no CFC’s, HCFC’s or HBCD’s), and the ability to reuse the material to manufacture related products such as bed planters, plant pots and compost bins.


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