Growing Systems

New Generation Emerging Farmers manufacture, supply and install a complete hydroponic growing system, included are production inputs (planting bags, growing medium, seedlings, fertilizer, spraying programs) as well as an irrigation system (tanks, pump & pipes)

Hydroponic Growing Systems

The hydroponic growing system is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, often without soil, in a controlled environment. As a result, nutrient solutions are fed directly to the plant during irrigation. This ensures the crop is fed in a highly efficient manner, therefore allowing for optimal growth. Tunnels are used to control the environment, consequently creating ideal growing conditions, whilst protecting the crop from environmental extremes. In South Africa, hydroponic vegetable production is almost always done under protection.  Production in a climate-controlled tunnel, enables the producer to supply vegetables out of season when the price is good.

We manufacture, supply and install

  • Hydroponic grow tunnels
  • Production equipment, namely planting bags, growing medium, seedlings, fertilizes, spraying programs etc.
  • Complete irrigation systems include tanks, pumps and pipes

Hobby Hydroponic Growing Systems

"Growing systems just got badass"

Hydro-Patch is a fully automatic, recirculating, top feed hydroponic grow system. The system allows you to produce what you like, when you like, from flowers, to vegetables and herbs, indoors or outdoors for use throughout the year.  Now you can control what your family eats, by growing your own greens.  Subsequently, eliminating the need for store bought, commercially grown vegetables which may have pesticide residue on them.  You will also have a positive impact on the environment, lowering your carbon footprint; by not driving to the store when greens are needed.   Above all, there is no packaging therefore, no waste products.  Any waste produce can be placed in a worm farm or compost heap.

14 pot hydro-patch system, hobby hydroponics, emerging farmers

This full recirculating hydroponic top-feed growing system has 14 Dutch Buckets and can grow anything you dare to.  The system comes with an automated supply line flush system which doubles as a hydroponic nutrient mixer and aerator.

The 9 grow pots hydro-patch growing system, consists of 1 aluminium stand, a drain system, 100L reservoir, hydroponic grow medium, a submersible pump, feed line with dripper arrows and a timer.  The system is assembled in minutes, and will deliver the freshest produce right out your own backyard. 

9 pot hydro-patch system, hobby hydroponics, emerging farmers

Germinating Systems and Seedling Nurseries

How do you germinate seeds?

Before we begin it must be said that the following are general guidelines to germinating seed. It’s important that you conduct your own research according to the seed you wish to germinate. In saying that, seed germination requires a number of important considerations.

Firstly, its necessary to make sure you have good, quality seed. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to explore this subject. Secondly a growing medium specific to seed germination is essential e.g. germination mix. Thirdly, seeds like “warmth” when germinating. In saying that, Emerging Farmers offer an excellent solution, namely our seed germination unit. Fourthly some seeds germinate better in full light while others require darkness to germinate, hence you will have to know your seed. Lastly, to initiate the entire process, seeds need water, a regular quantity, just enough to keep the soil moist.

In summary, our emphasis lies on researching your seed. Emerging Farmers can assist you in this process.

What we can do for you

We manufacture seed germination units for small farmers,  which makes for a great start-up business.  The unit has the capacity to hold 20 seedling trays (hence 4000 seedlings) at a time.  And each rack can be heated individually.  The entire unit is covered with plastic and has a zip door for easy access.

seedlings, hydroponic system, germinating unit, start-up business, emerging farmers
tomato seedlings, greenhouse tunnels, hydroponics, new generation emerging farmers
crop management keys, emerging farmers services

What is a Seedling Nursery?

A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a usable size.  These nurseries may supply plants to gardeners, farmers, foresters and even conservation biologists.

Seedling nurseries are very important for farming for the following reasons.  If seeds were to be directly planted in the soil on the farm, it would make it impossible to manage the spaces between each plant once it begins to grow. However, if they are grown in a nursery to seedling stage, and thereafter planted in the prepared beds, the spacing problem is avoided.  The reason for this is to avoid competition between the plants for water and minerals.

Other factors affecting Seedling Propagation

Another important factor for nursery propagation is to provide the end user with weed-free seedlings. Healthy, strong nursery seedlings inspire a better yield at the end of the day.

Yet another benefit of raising seedlings is the cost. This is because the quantity of seed used in a nursery is significantly lower than planting seed directly into the soil. Furthermore, your crop will mature more consistently in size, enabling a better quality and higher yield.

Emerging Farmers offer nursery tunnel systems and structural designs and layouts for small and commercial producers.

Vertical Growing Systems

The "Verti-Wall"

verti-wall home unit, vertical farming system, strawberries, hydroponics, emerging farmers

The VERTY-Wall Home Unit is a vertical wall pocket, ideal for growing strawberries, herbs and lettuce, thus making this hobby system ideal for your home or restaurant.

vertical farming system, strawberries, hydroponics, emerging farmers

Our Commercial System is specifically designed to maximise production in available space, therefore ensuring high yields.

Vertical growing systems can be used by both commercial as well as small scale farmers.  Furthermore, it is ideal to grow berries, strawberries, herbs, leafy lettuce and/or spinach. 

Advantages of Vertical Farming

  • Enables more plants per square metre than any other system, thus saving space
  • Economizes on fuel, tractor and labour costs by not having to till and prepare the land for planting
  • Minimises fertiliser and time costs required when planting in open ground
  • Re-circulating the nutrient solution, results in nutrient and water savings
  • Cuts back on labour costs by easier, faster picking at comfortable levels, as well as less time spent weeding
  • Due to the re-use of the VERTI-Plant system over and over, savings occur on capital costs
  • Spraying costs are minimized due to lower incidence of pests & diseases
  • Increases yield per plant, requiring less fruit culling and greater production of perfect fruit
  • Higher grades of produce
  • Faster plant growth
  • Fewer production losses
  • Constant and dependable production

The "Verti-Sock"

Our VERTI-Sock is designed as a pull-over sock solution to beautify garden water tanks. It comes in all sizes to accommodate the tank size.   This innovative creation is ideal for cultivating lettuce, strawberries, flowers and herbs.  Furthermore, irrigation can be installed, but is optional.

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