Greenhouse Equipment

Greenhouse Tunnel Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is possibly one of the most efficient methods of irrigation for greenhouse tunnel farming.   In most cases it can reduce water usage by as much as 50% due to the water being applied directly to where it is needed.  Not only can you save water with this system, but you could also increase your yield as the water and nutrient concentration is improved.
The amount of water application and timer settings is vital to the success of a drip irrigation system and requires a certain level of management and maintenance.  You would have to continuously check that no blockages exist in the system.   Your pH (acid/alkaline) and EC (electrical conductivity) levels are essential for quality plant health and growth.  Therefore, it is only natural to assume that one of the best greenhouse equipment irrigation systems  to use would be the dripper method.

Drip Irrigation

Pump Stations

greenhouse tunnel pump system with 5000L tanks

Water Tanks

greenhouse tunnel irrigation systems, 5000L tanks with pump station

Solar Pumps

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Hydroponic Greenhouse Tunnel Equipment

Greenhouse tunnel equipment used in hydroponic farming has a number of benefits.  The greatest concern for any farmer would be the cost in setting up your hydroponic tunnel.  Depending on the capital available to you, this can be done in an expensive or inexpensive manner. Emerging Farmers support the latter, without compromising on quality.  From the ground sheeting, black bags, pine shavings and irrigation sets, to the plant equipment essential in creating stablity for your maturing plant, we supply it all.   And to assit in getting your business or project off to a great start we supply your specified crop seedlings.


Trellising Twine, Hooks & Tomato Clips

Planting Bags & Pine Shavings

Greenhouse Floor Sheeting

Greenhouse Chemicals, Fertilizer & Related Items

Fertilizer and chemical applications need to be carefully applied and carefully monitored.   Selecting the right fertilizers and balancing plant nutrients is extremely important for healthy, strong growth.   Furthermore, maintaining regular applications of these nutrients is critical in securing a healthy harvest. 

 In instances when nutrients are out of balance severe deficiencies or toxicities may occur in your crop. Thus, it is important to consider both the source and amount of fertilizer to be used.  There are many different types of chemical fertilizers in different formulations because different plants require different nutrients and different pH levels in the soil. These fertilizers are catagorised in the following groups, macronutrients, micronutrients, special purpose fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and slow release fertilizers. 

Emerging Farmers assist with all of the above. That is to say, by suppling the right fertilizer and initiating onsite training, we equip our customers with the knowledge and know how necessary to produce a fruitful harvest.

Soil & Bag Fertiliser


Foliar Feed

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Spray Programs


EC & pH Meters

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