Greenhouse Solutions

Our greenhouse solutions incorporate a number of products ranging from tunnel technology and the equipment used to various growing systems to support a number of greenhouse farming methods

Our greenhouse solutions refers to the method of growing crops “undercover”.   Thus, a more favourable environment is established to produce crops year-round increasing productivity and overall yield.  The environment of our greenhouse tunnels can be modified and controlled to suit the type of crop growing.  The tunnel offers protection against environmental concerns such as the suns rays, wind, hail and other extreme weather conditions.   Our greenhouse tunnels have been designed to cater for many different growing needs therefore, size is important as it has a direct impact on what type of crop is grown.

  • A major benefit of greenhouse tunnels is to establish an all-season environment.
  • Greenhouse tunnels act as a shield  for crops against excess cold or heat and unwanted pests.
  • These tunnels can be temperature-controlled, providing ideal environments for specific crop production.
  • Access to electricity and water is imperative to establish an automated irrigation system.
  • Greenhouses come in various sizes to cater for the commercial market to the keen gardener and provide a long-term investment.   
  • Consequently, size selection is important – and it is recommended to always think bigger.  
  • However, greenhouses are purposefully designed to be modular to accommodate expansion if necessary.  
  • Greenhouse farming can be highly profitable due to its annual output.

Growing Systems


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution. When choosing a growing technique, it’s important to select one that suits your needs.  We have found that most commercial tunnel growers start with hydroponics as their main growing technique.  At Emerging Farmers we manufacture and supply a complete Hydroponic Tunnel System including all inputs and sundry’s. 

Seedling Nurseries

All seeds need water, oxygen and the right temperature in order to germinate. Some seeds also require suitable light, whilst some germinate better in full light, others require darkness to germinate.  Seeds require a certain soil texture for germination, and it’s different for different seeds.  Emerging Farmers have custom made a Seedling Germination Unit to accommodate seedling nurseries year round. 

Vertical Systems

Anyone can start a vertical garden. From commercial farmers to hobby growers.  Space can be maximized by vertical gardening, both indoors and out.  Whether you live in the city, have a small yard, or want to expand your existing garden, you can easily grow 10 times more food just by growing vertically instead of horizontally. Our tunnels provide the perfect outdoor solution to vertical growing systems.  

Hydroponic Greenhouse Equipment

One of the most efficient methods of irrigation is drip irrigation, extremely suitable in greenhouse tunnels. Drip irrigation saves water, increasing the success of fertilizer by 30% which ultimately leads to growing healthier crops that mature faster.  Included in our irrigation equipment is a pump system and water tanks.  We supply clips, hooks and twine for crops such as tomatoes and peppers.  The clips are used to support the weight of the plant when they start to get to their mature size.  The pH and EC meter is essential in any greenhouse tunnel operation.  This instrument measures the pH, acidity, of the water or soil whilst the EC measures the electrical conductivity in a solution. 

Farming Practices

Hydroponic Tunnels

At New Generation Emerging Farmers we manufacture and supply a complete Hydroponic Tunnel System including all inputs and sundry’s.   Growing hydroponically is said to be healthier and more nutritious.  If you conduct your research well and follow the industries guidelines, hydroponic farming can be a rewarding and profitable business.  Learn more  on our “Growing Systems” page under our “Products” tab.

Aquaculture Fish Farming

We are great supporters of aquaculture fish farming both in rural and urban environments. Emerging Farmers have incorporated our hobby tunnels to support the starter fish farmer, as well as our standard commercial tunnel to assist the serious aquaculture business developer. Both systems utilise the Aquaculture Production Unit with its filter.  Learn more on our “Aquaculture in SA” page.

Poultry Houses

Emerging Farmers offer various sized angle Iron poultry houses.  The roof is comprised of corrugated sheet metal as well as the sides of the structure. A high quality tarpaulin cover acts as a roll-up curtain, therefore allowing adequate ventilation to the diamond mesh covered windows.   Discover more on our “Poultry Houses” web page located under the “Products” tab. 

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