Aquaculture in SA

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture is defined as ‘the farming of aquatic organisms including fish, mollusks, crustaceans and plants in controlled or selected aquatic environments, with some form of intervention in the rearing process to enhance production such as regular stocking, feeding, protection from predators and other elements. 

Fish farming is the most common type of aquaculture,  therefore, throughout our site, we will refer to aquaculture as fish farming, in particular, tilapia fish farming.

What are the benefits of fish farming?

Fish is a vital source of protein and easier to do than other kinds of farming as fish are not care intensive. Besides the right temperature, fish only require food and proper water conditions.  The process is also less land intensive. Fish ponds required to breed species like Tilapia are much smaller than the space necessary to acquire the same amount of protein from cattle.  Farmed fish or aquaculture now exceeds both wild caught fish and beef as mankind’s protein source.

How do I start a freshwater fish farm?

Before you enter the aquaculture fish farming industry to start your own business, you need to consider all possible factors.  A good place to start is to decide whether fish farming is the best business for you.  Aquaculture, like any other farming method requires commitment.

What do I need to start a fish farm business?

Whether a small-scale farm or commercial business, start-up capital and a good Business Plan is essential.  One key aspect to starting a business is to forecast all possible expenses and profits. This is a requirement to obtain loans, attract partners or investors and to determine your way forward.

New Generation Emerging Farmers can provide you with a business plan, training, equipment and fish. Note that this is not a free service.

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What training do I need to farm fish?

Training is key to understanding and producing a healthy environment for farming fish, which will anticipate a positive outcome towards food security. If you are enthusiastic about fish farming, you should try to get as much help as possible. Investing with a partner or working with another fish farm to gather experience at first can be a brilliant way to get your business off the ground.  Emerging farmers has partnered with a reliable and resourceful training center to provide the proper training, which we highly recommend to any new fish farmer.  Starting your own fish farm can be very rewarding with the proper training, especially if you are new at it.

What equipment do I need to start a fish farm?

There is no better solution than investing in the Aquaculture Production Unit (APU) to start your fish farm.  The APU is designed around the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). This system specifically accommodates fish farming in Africa, from rural development areas to urban backyards, up to large scale commercial farming.  Not only is this system portable, modular and easy to assemble, but it’s low on energy usage and saves water.  

New Generation Emerging Farmers are great supporters of O.niloticus tilapia farming both in rural and urban environments. Our HOBBY TUNNELS add great value to the starter fish farmer.  Whilst our 10m x 40m tunnel has enormous benefits for the more serious commercial farmer.  Our tunnels lend themselves to growing a successful and profitable business utilizing the Aquaculture Production Units.

What kind of fish is best to farm?

There are a number of freshwater fish presently farmed in South Africa, however, the species that Emerging Farmers supply are the O.niloticus tilapia, originating from a company based in the Netherlands. They have a high growth rate due to the brood-stock being predominantly male.  Subsequently, this avoids overpopulation in the APU’s. Tilapia has a sweet, mild flavor and a firm, flaky texture.

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